COMING SOON; All details for VIAM2019

Event Information

All Event Information for parents with children taking part in VIAM2019 will be available soon (click to download)

Audience Tickets

Tickets for VIAM2018 are available in our store / box office. Select your tickets, enter your school name, check out; and we will seat you in the best view available of your school group.

For added security, you will need to enter your details again on the store. You can use the same username and password that you have used for this Parents Area if you wish.

Event Essentials

We have a number of low-priced items in our store that will enhance your child’s experience of taking part in our event.

We recommend in particular our VIAM songbook, which is only £3; and contains all the lyrics for every song performed by the choir. These are great for rehearsals and can also be used at the event.

Rehearsal Materials

Rehearsal Tracks with Guide Vocals for VIAM2019 will be available Jun 2018

Rehearsal Tracks