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Event Information

Welcome to Voice in a Million and VIAM2020

If this is the first time your child is taking part in one of our events, we have put together this guide to explain more about the event; and how to enhance your child’s experience. If your child has taken part before, we have also included details of our most spectacular show to date.

Rehearsing for the concert.

Now that your child has registered with their school to take part, the school will have a direct link to all the rehearsal materials. These include the songs the choir will sing with backing tracks and also backing tracks with guide vocals included. We also provide the lyrics as well as the sheet music for the more adventurous.

As a parent, we suggest that you also visit the parent’s area of our website, where you will also find these materials’ along with details about the event, timings, booking tickets, parking etc.

On the day of the concert.

Your child will arrive at the arena with their group, between 1.30pm and 2.30pm. Each group will enter the arena through the security arches and each child is scanned and verified. On arrival, the group will be given their T Shirts and any merchandise that has been pre-ordered through the school.  (If you order merchandise directly from our website, this will be sent to your home prior to the event).

At 3pm, the choirs will rehearse with the VIAM Team; and will also get the chance to be in their group photograph, and get an opportunity to meet and greet one or more of the guest artists. Please be aware that these are co-ordinated by the VIAM staff throughout the afternoon; and each school will be allocated their slot time; and directed to the location within the venue.

We do not permit any child to move around the arena without supervision by one or more of the group’s allocated teachers or chaperones; and once inside the arena, we do not permit any child to exit until after the performance.  Every entrance to the arena is manned throughout the day, by the venue security staff.  Please also be aware that we have a policy of not allowing children access to audience / parents area before or during the concert. Neither do we allow audience access to the choir galleries.

At 5.00pm approximately, we break the choir for one hour. We suggest they put on their T Shirts during this break. These can be worn over vests, T Shirts or similar.  All bags, coats, etc should be kept under each child’s seat. We suggest that each child has a packed tea; and a refillable water bottle. We do provide water points on the choir concourse. There are also vendor  refreshment outlets along the choir concourse.

At 6.00pm, we open the doors for the audience. Choirs should all be seated from this time. During this period, the house lights are up; and most parents take this opportunity to spot their child’s group. On the big screens we run the names of each school taking part that night, which again gives your child’s group the chance to get themselves noticd by the parents,families and friends.

The show begins at 7.15pm prompt, indicated by the house lights going down and the venue goes to blackout.

Audience Tickets

Tickets for VIAM2019 are available in our store / box office. Select your tickets, enter your school name, check out; and we will seat you in the best view available of your school group.

For added security, you will need to enter your details again on the store. You can use the same username and password that you have used for this Parents Area if you wish.

Event Essentials

We have a number of low-priced items in our store that will enhance your child’s experience of taking part in our event.

We recommend in particular our VIAM songbook, which is only £3; and contains all the lyrics for every song performed by the choir. These are great for rehearsals and can also be used at the event.

Rehearsal Audio Tracks for VIAM2020

Rehearsal Tracks with Guide Vocals for VIAM2020

Rehearsal Tracks


Online Sep 2019

Song Lyrics for VIAM2020

Song Lyrics for VIAM2020

Lyrics. (Click to download)

Online Sep 2019

Rehearsal Video Guides for VIAM2020

Rehearsal Video Guides

Rehearsal Guides

Online Sep 2019